There is a Library Committee in place to govern, guide and oversee the collection development, functioning and other policy decisions of the library.
Since 2016 library was automated with E-Lib 14%. Now we have migrated to the latest version of KOHA for a rich and better user experience. The Library has a comfortable seating capacity for 65 users. It is equipped with a Barcode Printer, Scanner, vacuum cleaner and sufficient number of coolers. The Library has a Property Counter and maintains Visitor’s Register to record the daily usage of the library. The average offline library footfalls recorded is 56/day and online footfalls is 4.


  • The library has a seating capacity for 65 users.
  • The library has collection 39000+ books and subscription to 9 Newspapers and few magazines.
  • The library is partially automated with KOHA.
  • Digitization of Question Papers and Intellectual Repository is initiated.
  • Internet access is provided in four PCs using Wi-Fi Dongle.
  • Access to e-resources under NLIST INFLIBNET Consortium, seamless internet acess is provided in library through wi-fi to all users
  • The library has tied-up with Gulbarga University Library and Godutai Doddappa Appa Degree college for women’s library. Gulbarga to facilitate University Library’s Online and Offline Access to its Faculty, Staff and students. It has similar tie-ups with its sister concerns too.
  • The Library conducts User Orientation and Awareness Programs.
  • Separate Reading Room Facility for Staff and Students.
  • Ramp is provided facilitate easy access to the library to all stake holders.
  • The Library is equipped with Barcode Scanner, Printer, Xerox Facility for the users.
  • There is a Library Committee to steer the activities of the library

Future Plans

  • Classification of Books Subject Wise using DDC and arrangement like-wise.
  • Bar-coding of the entire Library collection may be done to facilitate access to the entire collection.
  • Library Link in the college website has to be made for proper dissemination of library information.
  • The library committee should meet at frequent intervals and student representation in the committee is recommended.
  • ISP and cable connection with sufficient bandwidth is recommended for the library.
  • Usage of NLIST must be promoted amongst all sections of the library users.
  • OPAC and Web OPAC have to be made available to the users.
  • Subscribed N-list facilities may be properly classified and subject-wise list may be prepared and circulated among the Departments to maximize the utility of e-resources.
  • Library should be manned with sufficient staff.
  • Kindle Readers may be procured and users be encouraged to use them with ease.