Green Practices in Sharanbasveshwar College of Commerce Campus

Sharanbasveshwar College of Commerce has implemented green-friendly practices to manage the available resources and has taken steps in environmental conservation and protection.
Established in 1961 Sharanbasveshwar College of Commerce, situated on a 3.5acre campus in Vidya Nagar, Kalaburagi. SBCC has state of the art infrastructure, creating an environment for progressive learning and development.

NSS volunteers are actively involved in various pollution awareness programmes in and around the college and help in maintaining a green campus.
It encourages college students to care about the treatment of trees and shrubs as well as environmental issues within their campus community.
Different plantation programs are happening in college to create environment consciousness amongst students. This makes us to prove that planting trees and shrubs can improve the aesthetics of the landscape. This activity had created some awareness amongst SBCC fraternity to maintain eco-friendly atmosphere on the campus.

Our institution maintains the bush green campus from the date of its inception since 1961 in order to accomplish the task in and around the campus many trees are grown, many saplings are planted which have grown into trees in the course of time.
We have planted small bushes and shrubs in and around the college building. We have four plots of meadows lawns which are properly watered and maintained by the Gardner which looks bush green in all seasons.

Around the college building we have raised lawn strips. In between we have planted small bushes and shrubs.
We have two rain harvesting systems around the borewells along with one lotus pond. So over all the college campus looks beautiful with greenery, flowers, creepers and varieties of plants and trees.

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