About college


Sharanabasaveshwara College of Commerce was started in 1961. This Institution is one of the earliest Commerce Colleges in this Kalyan Karnataka (Hyderabad Karnataka) region. Over the years it has become one of the prestigious institutions as there has been a consistent infrastructure development with both men and material aiming at imparting quality education. This institution is located in heart of the city covering an area of about 3.5acres. It has a picturesque landscape with bountiful greenery in its surroundings. A person with an inquisitive mind may start wondering how this reputed Institute has been in a position to carry out this process of learning and teaching effectively, efficiently and always imbibing the cult of pursuing excellence among the teachers and the taught.

Our institution gives importance to all-round development of the students. Personality development programs help students in developing effective communication skills, team spirit and boost confidence level and attitude which helps them in building better career. Our college gives intensive coaching to the students so as to make them perfect and proficient in their subject. For this we invite resourceful persons and arrange special lectures for our students. Our college provides remedial classes to the slow learners in all the subjects like Accountancy, Economics, Quantitative Techniques and Business law. Special coaching classes were conducted especially to infuse the Communication skills.

The institution aims at transforming every student, who passes through its portals towards a progressive and entreprenuring society, while at the same time being tempered by social concern, empathy and visionary leadership. The greatest testimonial to the justification of an institution is the contribution of its students to society. Sharanabasaveshwara College of Commerce is quite proud to have contributed to Society’s growth and consciousness through its own set of students who are imprinted as knowledge revolutionaries in the by-lanes.

A thrust area of the college is teaching to develop students into entrepreneurs. Besides acquiring and imparting knowledge, the teachers and students are also aiming to create knowledge through extension activities. Backing the knowledge of the teachers is the library. Over 32,036 books are at the deck and call of the young scholars. A large number of e-Books and exhaustive information through the internet are made available at the library. The advanced knowledge being provided here is ably backed by cutting edge facilities – projectors and computers. A student in the campus has endless possibilities of journey through human experience. Recognizing that the real need of every human being is self actualization, the college offers the scope of self expression through its Commerce Academy. The consequence of such outlets of expression is the humanizing of students.