Course outcome

Quantitative Techniques

  • Development in necessary skills of Mathematics and Statistics.
  • Students should know statistical formats and tabulation and Interpretation of Data.
  • Student should understand the use of Measures of Dispersion,Permutation and Combination.

Income Tax

  • Students can know the various provisions relating to income &income tax.
  • Students can understand the basic concepts of IT Act and scheme of taxation in India
  • Students can compute income and tax of an individual assesses.


    Gain idea about marketing and its functions, consumer behaviour, product and its classifications, pricing policies Human Resource Management
  • Students can know concepts, principles and practices of HRM.
  • Familiar with concepts of HR Planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection.
  • Development in total personality of students as future human resource of India.
  • Acquaint the knowledge of recent trends in HRM.


    To develop an understanding of audit concept
  • Described about the concept, types & methods of auditing.
  • Acquired knowledge about vouching of cash and credit transactions , verification of assets and liabilities .
  • Comprehend the knowledge about appointment, rights, duties and responsibility of auditor.
  • Acquired knowledge of audit documentation and audit evidence.

Business law

  • Students can able to face the problems on various sides of business & tax law.
  • Student can analysis the legal constraints on business.
  • Students can understand the legal rules regarding contract.
  • Acquaint with development of Patents and Environment Protection Act .

Investment Management

  • Students will have the knowledge and skills to select and employ base level tools for financial analysis.
  • Students will have the knowledge and skills to analyse companies for investment purposes.
  • Students will have the knowledge and skills to develop portfolio strategies for individual and institutional investors.
  • Students will have the knowledge and to operate ethically as investment management professionals.